Jan-Mar Accolade My Girl (Annie)

RainForest Misfire Overboard (Powder)

Accolade Overboard Olympia (Ohlee)

Overboard Command at Sea (Dewey)

Briarcliff Onyx Overboard (Nix)

Hemlocks Hullabaloo Overboard (Boo)

In Memory

Other Overboard Offspring


Candid Photo Gallery

Aussie Rescue

Australian Shepherd Club of New England

Australian Shepherd Club of America

United States Australian Shepherd Association

Australian Shepherd Health & Genetics Institute

Community Dog -- Training Articles & Bite Prevention

Toby's Foundation

10-Steps Program

Save Our Dogs

Aussie Rescue

Following are links to various wonderful organizations that can help you to connect with the rescued Aussie who is just right for you.

Aussie Rescue and Placement Helpline (ARPH)

Second Time Around Australian Shepherds (STAAR)

Australian Shepherd Rescue Page

South Texas Aussie Rescue (STAR)

Aussie Rescue of Minnesota, Inc.

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