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Other Overboard Offspring

Overboard Manila Bay AAD AX AXJ OJC OAC RS-N NAC
GS-N NGC (Nell)

(Gridley x ASCA/AKC Ch Windogo's West Side Story)
DOB 11/16/00

Nell belongs to Mary Jo Lavin of Homestead Agility. She is the token Aussie in a BC household, where she holds her own.

Overboard Admiral Grace OA AXJ RS-E EAC JS-E EJC GS-N NGC TN-N (Hopie)

(Gridley x ASCA/AKC Ch Windogo's West Side Story)
DOB 11/16/00

Hopie is irrepressible. She belongs to friend and trainer Dee Williamson, who is the Best Mom in the World to Hope, and the perfect match for her high spirits.


Overboard Snow Squall NA NAJ JHD STDs

(Suzie, aka Cross Keys SuzieQ)

(Tux x Annie)
DOB 5/5/99

Suzie belongs to cousin Kevin and Kathy Glaes, keeping her in the family. She is one bright and beautiful bitch.

A-Ch Accolade Overboard Concordia TT (Sophie)

(Tux x Annie)
DOB 5/5/99

Sophie cleaned house at the 2005 Nationals in GA, finishing her A-Ch with a 5-pt. major and going BOB and BOS in the next pre-shows. She's now training on stock and may try tracking, too.

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