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Photo by 2MC Design

12/03/03 - 06/16/16

CH WTCH Briarcliff Onyx Overboard RS-N GS-E JS-O PT HSAs DNA-VP (Nix)

(Ch Te Amo Top Gun-Wild Child x Ch Hemlocks Customjewel at Briarhill)

  19 5/8 inches    41 lbs.          Full dentition/scissors bite
OFA Good      Elbows Normal            MDR-1 Mutant/Normal            Eyes CERF 4/08
Thyroid #NYAA17930640         CHIC #45617            Red Factored

Nix is, as one ringside admirer described him, “one big little dog!” What he lacks in height he more than compensates for with presence – he demands attention in the ring, and he gets it. He finished his ASCA championship with three 5-point majors under breeder judges, the last earned by going BOB from the classes over 7 outstanding specials!

Nix’s performance training was pretty spotty and catch-as-catch-can, as our (aging) energies were concentrated elsewhere, but Pete is now putting in more training time with him on a regular basis and the boy is taking off. He’s been wracking up lots of first places in his Novice and Open agility classes, and has been putting in some very impressive work on stock as well. Another VCH in the wings? We’ll see!


Nix in Agility at the ASCA Golden Jubilee

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