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SVCH Am CH Overboard Command at Sea CD JV-E-OP AX AXJ OAC EJC OGC HSAs  (Dewey)

(Gridley x ASCA/AKC Ch Windogo's West Side Story)
DOB 11/16/00 * OFA Excellent, Eyes Cleared Annually * 21 1/4 inches, 48 lbs.

Dewey crossed over 01/18/16 

                                                                                                    Photo by 2MC Design

Ever since I first discovered ASCA’s Versatility program, it’s been my long term goal to have a bred-by Versatility Champion. Dewey just did it for us, at HONYASC’s Dawg Daze of Summer show! Of course now that he's reached the VCH, I’m getting more ambitious—why not an SVCH!?! Indeed.  He  earned his SVCH and WTCH  on August 9,  2008.

Eternal gratitude goes to Michelle Kennedy of Rose Valley, who not only bred Gridley but allowed this cross of Gridley x Gidget to happen. She thought it would give us what we wanted, and she was right on the money.

Dewey has little of his dad Gridley’s sense of humor or irrepressible joie de vivre. He is so serious and such a Type A…he just hates making mistakes. But he is so biddable and such a joy to train! He and I will debut in Obedience sometime this year – training got interrupted by shoulder injuries, his and mine, and the resultant PT for both of us. But we’re back at it, and I’m really enjoying working with him. I just love this dog.


Photo by Nancy Gaffney

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